13JUL2014 Miss Pamela Like a ship heading from its port on a beautiful sunrise morning the memories of Pam will always bring a fresh breeze to the start of the new day. A friend for over thirty five years Pam passed away July 1, 2014… We didn't always agree on everything….she was the only woman on multiple occasions that felt the need to usher me to the front door offering to whoop my ass for something in the front yard, yet when things got bad i was one she could confide in. I had the pleasure of riding out a few meteorological disasters with her and her family. The long struggle comes to an end, i know of nobody from our family that has taken a tougher road in life than Pam, yet each day for her was filled with hope and a smile. Living most her life on the Gulf Coast where she grew up Pam always welcomed me into her home, made sure we knew her point of view, and gave me hug when i left. Of all my sister-in-laws i spent the most time with Pam, we miss her already. - www.Photoperson.com