09MAR2014 Hodgson Mill Another of the mills from Ozark County Missouri. Yesterdays questions on the "ice look" above the trees….it is quite typical of an early Autumn here in the midwest for the humidity to bake out of the surrounding agricultural products grown in the area, it creates a layer of fog like haze and with a windless morning it can be quite pronounced against a solid background. I find in most images it is hard to detect the weather phenomenon in a picture to any depth, in my work with HDR i now look for that when i shoot and try to incorporate it into the image….thanks for asking, i hope this helps you in some way. Our flock of 2 million geese are a solid month behind at Squaw Creek from last years arrival, we are anticipating them at the end of the week. Visit your local Refuge today and sign the guest book and leave a comment, some get there funding that way. Have a great Sunday…..maybe today KB completes the mission. - www.Photoperson.com