30JULY2012 Middle America Not fly over country, Iowa always has the political frontrunners buzzing about the state. The round coral is from yesteryear and the old hickory limbs are slowly being replaced around it. Just west of Pella Iowa we ran across this barn with a line of thunderstorms looming behind it, hope you enjoy this. Thanks to all who have made comments on my images for the past year.....even when they were not very good.....I hope you have seen my work get better I sure learned so much from the many many post here on the Dailies! Thanks for making "The Glow" go to number one yesterday.....please comment good or bad I leave them all up including those special ones from trainwreck, my special friend who dislikes my pano style of photography.......I can't imagine why she can't post just one image for us to see.....your feedback helps me get better! - www.Photoperson.com