13DEC2011 The Old Mill.... A cold West Virginia. Glade Creek gristmill the most photographed mill in America sits in the Babcock State Park of West Virginia. Glade Creek flows into the New River a National River. This area is chock full of recreation for all. Plan to spend some time in this area the photo op's are all over the place. This shot was taken shortly after I fell....I set the tripod up and got the remotes hung, I had to sit down I felt as though i got run over by a linebacker my ankle was killing me I hit square on my back and got the wind knocked out of me..... all that with Linda watching my self induced carnage unfold in front of her on the edge of the bank twenty yards away......I know for sure now there have been times when she thought I was an idiot, but this was one time where she thought I was seriously hurt. Seems as though I have one moment like this on each trip....too close to the edge to close to the wildlife ect... I'm glad she is near me, she keeps me in check. Good thing i don't ride motocross anymore....i would have multiple international symbol refrencing how I'm #1 sign positioned squarely between my eyes. - www.Photoperson.com