06MAY2013 The Downtowner Image Received an award of Merit in the "Creative Category" n4c.us in September 2013, submitted through the Omaha Camera Club. A small out of the way dinner in Omaha Nebraska.....yes Nebraska. Hollywood Candy...selling Antiques and Mercantile.... In the Old Market. Looks like a place we ate at when we were younger in New York State, down the hill from the Becker Farm. Seems we ate there only when we didn't go to Aunt Eva's. Quite a feat to beat the youngster on a Monday....it went to 97.6 at 500px as well today. Hand held at a quarter of a second....tripods cost you 50 dollars to set up, oh but the possibilities! Received an Award of Merit September 2013 at n4c.us "Creative Category" submitted through the Omaha Camera Club. Thanks for coming by to have a look, have a great day! - www.Photoperson.com