08FEB2013 Supercell Sunset A conversion to B&W for our camera club contest this month. Weather is the subject and i will enter this in the assigned monochrome category....it is a print competition as well so i had to put it up to get a print .....let me know if the processing works for you. When i posted the color version of this i got a lot of comments about the bottom of the image being dark so let me know, i have quite a winning streak going there....i helping to teach them as well and they all do so well, it is a tuff place to win. I gave my presentation last week at the camera club and it went well.....i hope they power vacation as i do. Springfield Nebraska, the cold front advances across Nebraska the daylong siege of thunderstorms are pushed southward for Texas to enjoy tomorrow. The sunset explodes on the horizon behind me as the wind drives hard at my back. - www.Photoperson.com