31JAN2013 Milling Around Rising quickly over a horizon of fall foliage the sun reflects the forest of of color that surrounds Dells Millpond as Bridge Creek flows across the dam. The aroma of hickory bacon frying on the millers stove escapes the open windows of the Mill while the hound bays he has treed the raccoon where the river enters the millpond just a short distance away. The bald eagle circles above as I sip my last swig of coffee, i'm amazed that the algae has formed an image of an Indian crossing the pond below the dam. Our Winter journey deep into badger country brought us by Dells Mill again. While collecting my images a gentle smoke started out of the vent pipe from the wooden stove in the store. I sent my trusty sidekick in to scout it out, Master Miller Gus had stopped in to work a bit, a wonderful Mill with an amazing story chock full of American History....would be a wonderful place to retire. Have a great day, please leave me a comment, let me know your thoughts. - www.Photoperson.com