07DEC2012 No Return Taking a slow boat down the Eau Claire River, that white dot in the trees in the distance is a Bald Eagle, gone by the time I got the big lens out. Took this Image from an overpass shortly after the river flows over the Lake Eau Claire dam. Scouting the river from this high viewpoint a black bear careened across the river in a full run.....oddly enough the Black Bear Lodge sits within a hundred yards of the shallows where the bear crossed....things that make you go hummmmm! Thanks for your comments on the my image "Shiny Shores" yesterday.... The Steak Pit Restaurant sits on a hill overlooking Lake Superior and the Washburn Marina....watching the beautiful sunset unfold before our eyes I went out during dinner and took some great shots of the marina. My image "Washburn Sunset" came in at number thirty nine in my most popular image's. Most nights on our trips we sit down at the dinner table and try to figure out what went wrong that day and which direction to go in the morning. Your comments help me get better, thanks for leaving one today. - www.Photoperson.com